Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora The Priestess of Debauchery

Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora

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Mistress Isadora is a deviant  platinum blonde FemDom.  An alluring purveyor of bespoke BDSM and fetish experiences in Philadelphia for those with discerning taste.  The priestess of debauchery has over a decade professional experience and a lifetime of breaking the male ego.

Exquisite, top notch Philadelphia femdom delivered by my expert hands.  Like a siren,  I lure  men into my realm using my exquisite beauty , superior intellect, and devious mind. As a Scorpio, eroticism is in my nature. You will surrender yourself to my depraved desires. You will continuously beg me to push you to your limits for my sadistic pleasure. I become an addiction you can’t quit.  Your need for me will pulse through your veins.

I enjoy inflicting not only physical but mental anguish. I revel in psychodrama. I am an erotic provocateur with a penchant for CBT among other perversions. I delight in watching you quiver with anticipation of what is to come. You will want to impress me by enduring torment and humiliation.

  My wicked smile will haunt your waking dreams. My alluring femininity will intoxicate you. My petite stature, porcelain skin, platinum blonde hair and stunning body innately command  respect and will bring you to your knees. I have an extensive wardrobe of latex attire, corsets, catsuits, lingerie, stockings, garters, pantyhose, satin/ leather gloves,  leather attire, thigh high boots, pencil skirts, and stilettos.

Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora

I am a discerning and distinguished domina with over a decade of  professional experience and a lifetime of breaking the male ego.  My interests are wide and varied. I revel in a multi layered scene with those who have depth to their interests and or the willingness to explore. I session with both novices and experienced players. I don’t take scripted scenes yet I do enjoy a creative fantasy to play off of. I prefer to flow without certain expectations. I have a genuine passion for the art of  female domination and believe in a cathartic experience for both my subs and myself. 

 Here is a list of my interests. You may inquire if yours is not listed. 


Creativity and cruelty are key. I enjoy using cocks for target practice as well as playing with weights, ball crushers, humbler, electric, needles, slapping, twisting, clothespins, wharton wheel.  I enjoy tying men up by the balls and leaving them hang. I could go on and on.

*Ball Busting-

Nothing like making a grown man cry by taking him down with one swift perfectly placed kick to the balls. Punching and paddling while laughing at your agony.

*Foot fetish/shoe fetish/ stocking fetish/pantyhose- 

I enjoy a true foot fetishist massaging my feet. You better bring your A- game. I’ll allow you to lay at my feet as I tap my foot.  I may even allow you to clean my boots with your tongue. I also enjoy the other aspects of foot fetish , degrading you with my dirty feet, trampling, crushing your cock with my foot or under my heel.  I offer aromatic sessions with advanced notice and a deposit.

*Humiliation/Degradation/Verbal Abuse-

I’ve been breaking the male ego since as long as I can remember. Playful mockery, humiliating activities, objectification, depraved debasement.

*Psychodrama/ Role Play- 

I enjoy the imaginative scenes. From somewhat tame to bizarre or taboo.

*Medical Play-

 Numerous needle sizes,  sounds (straight, curved,vibrating, silicone, electro) catheter, staples, testicle piercing, saline injection/infusion, all types of electro (Eros Tek, zeus, tens, various attachments)


I love taking you as my prey and making sure you don’t go anywhere. Predicament bondage, immobilization, shibari, semi suspension.  Cuffs, belts, plastic wrap, rope, leather arm binders, leather mittens, leather sleep sack, bondage bed, cage.

*Electro Play- 

Tens, violet wand, zeus with various attachments including cock and ball crusher, sounds, needle attachments and various cock and ball accoutrement.

* Punishment –

light to extreme corporal, floggers, cat o’nine, single tail, cattle prod, caning, crops, whips.  Domestic discipline, hair brushes, wooden spoons, paddles, OTK, spanking.

*Sensory Play-

Sensory overload, Multi layered activities/scenes. Starting slow and building up. Sensory deprivation, numerous masks, hoods, gags, ear plugs, smothering, blindfold, immobilisation

*Power Exchange-

Surrender yourself to my expertly skilled hand. Submission or slavery, I will have you do my bidding. 

*Slave Training-

Abduction, imprisionment, high protocol slave training. Servitude training.

*Sadistic, sensual tease and denial- 

I will make you suffer for me but I may reward you as I please. 

*Tickling- You not me

*Raunch Play-

G/S Fantasy, R/S Fantasy, spitting


Transform into your most feminine self. Crossdressing, sissy, full femme

My Hard Limits:

Switching, Subbing, Intimate body worship, any type of “job”, sex acts, nudity on my part, competitive wrestling.

​Photos and descriptions of my personal collection of gear and toys are in the Playspace and Gear section.

If your fetish or interest is not listed you may politely  inquire.  You may also call me on NiteFlirt or arrange a tribute phone call to discuss your interests. 


Philadelphia FemDom Protocol

Philadelphia Dominatrix Philadelphia BDSM Philadelphia FemDom

To inquire about being granted an audience with me begin by sending a polite, respectful email. I am a discerning Philadelphia FemDom therefore I have a protocol and vetting process.

Be sure to include:

**A list your interests

** Your hard limits

**Your level of experience

**The names of other Pro Dommes you have previously served, particularly  in the past year.  (If any as I do enjoy popping kinky cherries)

**A FEW date and time options you are available to session.

**If you are booking one of my tour dates be sure to include the city. Otherwise I will assume you will be seeing me in Philadelphia.


 I believe this should be a mutually satisfying experience, so be as articulate as possible. I revel in exploring BDSM,  fetish and femdom. I am generally available Monday- Sunday 9am-midnight. I prefer a minimum of 24 hours notice but I do take same day sessions within reason. Be aware a deposit is  required particularly from those whom I have never sessioned with and first timers.  Have references? Great. BUT this does not mean I will wave the deposit. I may require a higher tribute for same day sessions as well as a few other reasons. This is at my discretion. I am a dominatrix in Philadelphia but I travel as well . Check my travel page for more info.

If you are not aware of your hard limits and or interests, do your research before contacting me.  The internet is a plethora of information. In addition you can look over my interests in the ABOUT section of this website. My interests are wide and varied, from foot fetish to corporal punishment and everything in between. Do peruse my  SESSION STORIES and CLIP STORE to see what arouses you. There are clips that were filmed with my slaves so you can see my expertise first hand. Read my reviews section to see what my subs have to say about our sessions together. My session stories are my account of my sessions.

Any vulgar or unreadable emails will be ignored as will emails requesting sex acts or nudity on my part. View more of my  hard limits in my about section.

If you can not follow my instructions or simply choose not to, do not expect to be sessioning with me. I have no desire to see you if you can not follow simple instructions.

 There is no need to continuously email me. Within about 3 emails, especially if you have saved both my time and yours by including all the information above, I can establish if I think we would make a good match. From there I decide if I want to speak to you over the phone to book the session. If you would like to speak with me more in depth about a session or I think we should go deeper prior to session, you may call me on NiteFlirt  or arrange a tributed phone call.   

If you arrive early, do not expect to be let in. If you are going to be late, make me aware.  As far as cancellations, I understand things happen though I expect adequate notice and this is why I do take deposits.

I prepare myself for our session together and expect you to do the same. Prepare yourself to be in the presence a Goddess by taking a shower, brushing your teeth and wearing deodorant at the very least.


Contact information for Mistress Isadora, Dominatrix in Philadelphia

Philadelphia dominatrix Femdom BDSM Fetish

I am a distinguished dominatrix in Philadelphia and beyond. Purveyor of bespoke BDSM and fetish for the kink connoisseur.

I’m sure you have read my site thoroughly before contacting me.  If not, I advise you do. Particularly the Protocol and About sections.  Also read my travel page. I am a Philadelphia Dominatrix who also tours.


Once you have made it through my vetting process, only then will you be given my phone number to confirm your booking. 

For those who are unable to session in person, contact me to schedule a webcam session.  I am also available on Niteflirt for both cam sessions and phone sessions. 

I create custom BDSM and Fetish Clips of all kinds. You may politely inquire for more information. View my HOME page for links to my clip stores as well as fan site.

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