Submissive thoughts

Philadelphia Mistress Isadora delivers another powerful femdom session

I had a submissive of mine write a diary of our time together. Here is an entry of his time with me.

“I have to thank you again for such a fabulous session yesterday. As I’m laying in bed this morning feeling the aftermath of our session my mind is still swirling as I lick my wounds. I don’t know what turns me on more all your beauty or  the pain and mental anguish you give me in a session. All I know is I have to thank you for everything. 
During our sessions you are always so creative with your implements of torture. When we are playing weather  you are busting my balls with a good kick, pegging me, giving my testicles some attention with some CBT, corporal punishment, or whatever I always gladly surrender my body and sole to you, Mistress Isadora.  During session I always get so into whatever scenario you set up and try to push limits further and further. Personally, I’m a very shy person however whenever I talk to you weather it’s in or out of session I always feel so comfortable I can freely open up and share my deepest darkest kinkiest fantasies with you and them you make it happen.  I am ever so grateful for that, I could never ever thank you enough for all I experienced this past year.
I’m a 62 yo man who has been seeing Mistresses for a long time. The only thing I am regretful for is not finding you earlier in my life. It’s been over a year now and you are always getting new toys to introduce to your subs. Additionally you are so so creative your talent is truly amazing. I must also say something about your outfits, you have so many, they are all so beautiful and so so sexy. I cannot wait to see you again and taste that lovely golden nectar and feel  all of that pain again, that’s so good. Thank you again Mistress for everything.

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