Domain of Iniquity: Serve Dominatrix in Philadelphia

A little more about Domain of iniquity. This party encompasses a few different aspects. I want to have an opportunity to train submissives and slaves in protocol and service etiquette. Many of the protocols can be used in ways beyond the event into sessions. Protocols are ways of showing your domme respect and to honour her superiority in mundane tasks. Being in her presence in any way is always an honour. Many contact me to say they are submissives or slaves wanting to be trained. This is the opportunity to do so in a unique setting with multiple Dominatrix in Philadelphia. During this party you and 2-3 other thralls will be serving dominant women. This is an exclusive party. I would like to hold more Iniquity events to continue to train new slaves. In addition, I would like to continue to build on what has been taught and achieved. I would like to have thralls to the Coven who have been prior, to show example to others who want to be good obedient slaves to the Mistresses. I want the thralls to yearn to serve me and the Dominas of the Coven.

 I believe men are here to keep me entertained. I have come up with the  “ Feats of Strength” games and “Wheel of Debauchery”. You will be used by the Mistresses to entertain with humiliating games and tests of endurance to prove your worthiness to the Dommes. I also like to have a good time.

I have been friends with Mistress Rita for many years. Mistress Rita and I met in the NYC burlesque nightlife scene a decade ago. I have had a blast performing together and doing doubles over the years. We are very creative women. We enjoy using men.  For The Coven ritual aspect of the evening , you will experience both. 

Serve More than one Dominatrix in Philadelphia.

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