Dominatrix Sessions : Let’s talk Bondage

I’m a bondage enthusiast. I have expressed this many times. Bondage gear, rope, chains all of it. There are so many different paths and reasons why I like to play with each in dominatrix sessions.

Bondage can be used as a way to get further into subspace during dominatrix sessions. It can be about vulnerability. No more thinking, just being. You can’t go anywhere, especially in immobile bondage. With this I can take away all your senses . You will find yourself having to be present in the moment, somewhat like meditation. I have control over your ability to move. you must surrender.

I use bondage with masochists. Hanging a slave spread eagle, cuffed by the wrists to my hoist. A spreader bar making it impossible for him to close his legs. Such a vulnerable state. All this before I whip him mercilessly. The bondage helps to keep him in place for the most part. Can’t have a moving target. I don’t what to beat my slave in the wrong area. Don’t want to damage my property. Plus knowing he can’t go anywhere no matter how hard he tries. At times I strap them down tight to the bondage bed. This makes them even more immobile.

I have been using bondage for hypnosis more recently. Unable to move gaggged, hood, blindfolded. The only sound is that of my voice. The slave or sissy hypnosis track played over and over. The inability to move while hearing hypnosis pushes the message further in the subs psyche. I have control of his mind and body

Not all who engage in bondage are submissive. Some just want to be present and enjoy the feeling of being tightly bound. A fetish for the bondage and or the material. Nylon, leather, latex

Dominatrix Session in Philadelphia

To book a real dominatrix session in Philadelphia read my Protocol. I have many bondage clips available in my clip stores featuring dominatrix session videos. Clips4Sale, IWantClps and Loyal Fans.

BDSM Professional Dominatrix in Philadelphia

Dominatrix Clips

Here are a few Dominatrix Clips. For those interested in a Philadelphia Dominatrix who specialises in CBT, Bondage, Impact play and more look no further than Mistress Isadora . Mistress Isadora makes POV, BDSM and custom Dominatrix clips.

This is from my Toxic Woman Series. I am your toxic girlfriend. I have you wrapped around my finger. As you can imagine, Chastity and being a cuck would make me so happy. After all, my pleasure is your pleasure.

Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora chastity

Another in my Toxic Woman Series. Imagine going on a Tinder date and revealing your tiny cock. Expecting the usual sympathy, you luck out. she reveals she is a Dominatrix and you must give all power to her.

Philadelphia Dominatrix humiliation

I enjoy bondage. Chains, leather, rope. Rendering my slave helpless makes it easier to invade his urethra with my sounds.

Dominatrix Clips Mistress Isadora
Dominatrix Clips Mistress Isadora

All these clips are available in my IWC and C4S stores as well as my Loyal Fans. Want to make your femdom fantasy a reality? Train to be my slave in real time by following the protocol. Can’t serve in person? You can serve me online.

Philly Dominatrix Clip Updates

Here are a few clips released in my clip store in December. They are available on both my Clips4Sale and Loyal Fans. You can also book a session with me, the notorious Philly Dominatrix.

Breath My Ass

Mistress Isadora has her slave bound to the bondage bed with his cock and balls hanging from the ceiling. He is so helpless as she sits on his face. He struggles for air as she crops his bound cock. He is so pathetic as he wipers unable to breath. Mistress Isadora then uses the wheel on his cock and balls. She glides up and down with those spikes. All the way to his taint as he cries. 

Philly dominatrix Mistress Isadora

Slave Training

Welcome to the slave farm where the horniness will be beaten out of you and you will be used for chores. Mistress Isadora takes her slave for a walk, on all fours with a leash attached to his collar. He is so grateful he worships her shoes. She bends him over the cage. Makes him count cane strokes using both canes. She spanks his ass wit varies paddles as he cries. Mistress Isadora puts this bitches cock and balls in the pillory. She uses the cane on his pathetic bound cock. She taunts him with her finger spikes. Mistress Isadora uses her dancer legs on him with some ball busting.

Philly Dominatrix Mistress Isadora slave training

Humiliating Stockings

You love the sheer black nylon stockings and garters of Philly Dominatrix . I have total control of you when I wear them. It’s pathetic really, the way you want to smell my stockings. They make you weak yet you beg for more. I shove  my foot in your mouth. No touching your cock. Smell my stocking. I then shove my barefeet in your mouth. My feet are so gorgeous. 

Philly Dominatrix Mistress Isadora Stocking Fetish

Domain of Iniquity: Serve Dominatrix in Philadelphia

A little more about Domain of iniquity. This party encompasses a few different aspects. I want to have an opportunity to train submissives and slaves in protocol and service etiquette. Many of the protocols can be used in ways beyond the event into sessions. Protocols are ways of showing your domme respect and to honour her superiority in mundane tasks. Being in her presence in any way is always an honour. Many contact me to say they are submissives or slaves wanting to be trained. This is the opportunity to do so in a unique setting with multiple Dominatrix in Philadelphia. During this party you and 2-3 other thralls will be serving dominant women. This is an exclusive party. I would like to hold more Iniquity events to continue to train new slaves. In addition, I would like to continue to build on what has been taught and achieved. I would like to have thralls to the Coven who have been prior, to show example to others who want to be good obedient slaves to the Mistresses. I want the thralls to yearn to serve me and the Dominas of the Coven.

 I believe men are here to keep me entertained. I have come up with the  “ Feats of Strength” games and “Wheel of Debauchery”. You will be used by the Mistresses to entertain with humiliating games and tests of endurance to prove your worthiness to the Dommes. I also like to have a good time.

I have been friends with Mistress Rita for many years. Mistress Rita and I met in the NYC burlesque nightlife scene a decade ago. I have had a blast performing together and doing doubles over the years. We are very creative women. We enjoy using men.  For The Coven ritual aspect of the evening , you will experience both. 

Serve More than one Dominatrix in Philadelphia.

More about Domain of Iniquity and application

Get to know Mistress Rita

Philadelphia dominatrix
Coven Rituals performed at Domain of Iniquity

Philadelphia Dominatrix FemDom And BDSM Clips

November BDSM and Femdom Clips featuring Premier Philly Mistress Isadora

These are just 2 of the clips released in my clip stores this November. This film sub always gets it good. I have a way with a whip. CBT is always a favourite.

Philly Mistress Isadora uses electro on her slave. He is bound nice and tight, not able to move much. She uses the electro wheel on his bound cock and balls. He screams, she laughs. She then gets him with the metal flogger that is electrified. His cries and moans amuse Mistress. 

This clip is available on Clips4Sale Loyal Fans

Mistress Isadora a has her slave in a straitjacket and chains. His cock is in a pillory squeezing it. Mistress Isadora kicks her slave’s balls. He can’t move anywhere. She gets her whip and begins beating his pathetic cock. Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora whips those cock and balls into submission.

This Clips is available on Clips 4 Sale Loyal Fans

I have an array of Philly mistress clips available in my clip stores. For those looking to serve me in person or online inquire via my booking protocol

Service to the Premier Philadelphia Dominatrix

 Thrall to Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora 

Protocol is important to me. I like ritual. I like order. Hence I enjoy training slaves in my protocols and service. I have a special available for those seeking to be trained as a service slave and join the elite order that is of service to the premier Philadelphia Dominatrix Mistress Isadora.

 I recently had a new recruit to my Philadelphia Femdom Empire. Once he arrived I had him remove all of his clothing. I then had him fold those clothes and set them aside in a particular place. He was instructed to kneel in front of the cage to await further instruction. THead down ass up like a good bitch. This is the first step. He will now know this is his responsibility to take care of his belongings and present himself to me every time he is here to be of service. Kneeling in front of the cage is one of the positions he will learn today. I have a set number of basic positions for slaves to learn. 3 positions for all slaves particularly service slaves. I have 3 more positions for slaves who partake in corporal punishment protocol. There is no standing around, no idle hands when in my presence. Every moment is controlled by me. 

He is then ordered to stand. I put this thrall in chastity. Cocks have no use when serving me.This is part of the reprogramming. He must learn to live without his cock and focus on pleasing me. We then go through further instruction on basics. No looking directly at me unless given permission, no speaking unless given permission. Will there be punishment for any infractions? Yes. I want exceptional slaves for my Philadelphia Dominatrix empire. Lucky for the boy he was good at following the basics. 

 I go through the list of chores for the studio. Today I pick the cabinet and shelve dusting. Slave is given detailed instructions on the cleaner to be used, where to find it, and how to go about the cleaning. I want every implement put back exactly where he found it. Pictures will be taken to ensure this. I will white glove all surfaces when he is finished. During the intro session we over protocols, positions and delve into one service task. I think this is enough as I want the slave to learn exactly what is to be done without me having to go over it every time. I will build upon what I have taught the thrall from here out. This one had a special skill not just cleaning. He is a great foot masses. As a reward for a good job, I allowed him to give me a foot rub as I write this session story. 

Now have there been others that just don’t thrive at the beginning? Yes and they are dealt with according. Time to time one with speak out of pocket and they will be caned or slapped. Will all be rewarded by rubbing my feet? no. Some have not done a through job cleaning. Failed the white glove test. Those were put in a cage with no reward and left to think about how disappointed I am with them. To be of service to and the slave of the premier Philadelphia Dominatrix requires dedication and loyalty. 

Submissive thoughts

Philadelphia Mistress Isadora delivers another powerful femdom session

I had a submissive of mine write a diary of our time together. Here is an entry of his time with me.

“I have to thank you again for such a fabulous session yesterday. As I’m laying in bed this morning feeling the aftermath of our session my mind is still swirling as I lick my wounds. I don’t know what turns me on more all your beauty or  the pain and mental anguish you give me in a session. All I know is I have to thank you for everything. 
During our sessions you are always so creative with your implements of torture. When we are playing weather  you are busting my balls with a good kick, pegging me, giving my testicles some attention with some CBT, corporal punishment, or whatever I always gladly surrender my body and sole to you, Mistress Isadora.  During session I always get so into whatever scenario you set up and try to push limits further and further. Personally, I’m a very shy person however whenever I talk to you weather it’s in or out of session I always feel so comfortable I can freely open up and share my deepest darkest kinkiest fantasies with you and them you make it happen.  I am ever so grateful for that, I could never ever thank you enough for all I experienced this past year.
I’m a 62 yo man who has been seeing Mistresses for a long time. The only thing I am regretful for is not finding you earlier in my life. It’s been over a year now and you are always getting new toys to introduce to your subs. Additionally you are so so creative your talent is truly amazing. I must also say something about your outfits, you have so many, they are all so beautiful and so so sexy. I cannot wait to see you again and taste that lovely golden nectar and feel  all of that pain again, that’s so good. Thank you again Mistress for everything.